Design for the other 90%

The name of this site is “User Experience Hub” and is, generally, focused on the details and implementation of software interface design. However, “user experience” can thought of in a much broader way. Though the examples on the following URLs are not software interface design examples, they do reinforce the value of design and of fundamental design principles.

Many of our projects may not have the immediate, life-saving benefit of the LifeStraw, but the same principles that guided its development should guide every software interface design we do.

  • Understand the “point”
  • Understand the context
  • Help people

Check out the Cooper-Hewitt “Design for the other 90%” and the BusinessWeek article about it for more information and inspiration.

When we go and design our next business dashboard, or data entry interface, it may not seem to have the same gravitas as some the products featured, but we should approach these seemingly banal project with the same rigor and thoughtfulness. In the end, all our interfaces connect with people. And people deserve interfaces that make sense in what they are trying to achieve, make sense in the context they are doing it and should be helpful.

Those are pretty simple ideas that can have a big effect.

2 Responses to Design for the other 90%

  1. David says:

    Innovate for humanity and thrive.

  2. John Moore says:

    I call my stuff Human Experience Design because I like to remember that users are actual people. Good design makes people’s lives better, bad design makes it worse. it’s pretty important stuff.