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Kinglong and Motiondraw have sweet Flash Gradient Explorers [Updated]

Seeings as we’re all about the Explorer’s here, I thought I’d point out some great work that others have done. Kinglong has a great Gradient Explorer. Anyone whose spent a little time trying to programmatically draw a gradient with the gradientFill function in actionScript knows what a headache it can be trying to get the right parameters to draw the right gradient. Enter Kinglong’s gradient explorer. Create your gradient and copy and paste the code. Sweet!

[Update] Andreas Weber of MotionDraw also has a fantastic GradientTweenEditor that goes a bit farther to include code for 2D gradients, and gradient tweens

Transition and tween explorer

This tool allows you to try out the various transition and tween effects offered in ActionScript 2.0 and then, when you’re happy with the way it looks, you can copy the code snippets into your own movies.

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Yahoo Maps + Coldfusion = Dynamic Marker Example

While it’s nothing ground-breaking, I wanted to show a quick example of how to create a Yahoo Map with dynamic markers using coldfusion and LoadVars() in Flash. The coldfusion script pulls the data from an SQL database and passes it on to the flash app to plot as many markers as there are data entries. It may not be the cleanest, but it’s a quick solution.

I’ve also included a text file, in case you don’t have coldfusion and a database set up, that would be similar to what might be passed on to the flash app. So, you can also play around with the text file if you don’t want to set up a database and coldfusion.

UPDATE: I’ve included another swf for those without Flash authoring. This swf points to the cfm file for everything, including the app-ID. Also, the map auto-centers inself based on the first address in the events.

Click here to download the file..

Click here to download the .fla-less swf and cfm. (no flash authoring required)