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Flash Lite 2.0 Styleable Bar Chart Component

Adding to our previous work, I’ve created styleable bar chart class for Flash Lite 2.0, with properties for bar colors, background colors, highlights, shadows, data tips, labels, chart height, chart size, chart placement, whether its horizontal or vertical, and other fun stuff. Again, all you need to do is figure out how to get the array of data onto the phone (whether it be loadVars, or whatever). Once it’s on, all you need to do is assign the data to the chart class and tell the chart to draw itself.

Some of the things you can produce via styling it are as follows:


Download it here

Pie chart class

Inspired by Peter Baird’s line chart class, here’s a pie chart class in Actioncript 2.0. It’s designed for FlashLite, small screen UIs, keyboard interaction. The pie chart is constructed using a data array that specifies, for each pie wedge, the size, colour and a wedge label.

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Styleable Line Chart Component for FlashLite 2.0

Building off of the FlashLite Stock app in the previous post, I put together an actionscript class that, given an array of data, will draw a line chart. It’s specifically geared towards FlashLite 2.0, in both its display on a small screen, as well as using key control rather than mouse for display of point labels.

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FlashLite 2.0 app: Stock Charts using the Drawing API

FlashLite 2.0 offers quite a bit in terms of better mobile application development. Trying out the new features, I’ve created the following application which provides stock quotes for any stock the user enters and charts the historic prices of that stock, which you’re free to download and try out either on your PC or your FlashLite 2.0 enabled phone. Some of the great things about FlashLite 2.0 that I appreciated include the following:

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