Introducing Me

Well hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the blog universe. I’m Matt Chotin, a software engineer on the Flex team. Those of you who participated in the beta know why I’m here. I basically can’t keep my damn mouth shut. Since the beta’s coming to a close Macromedia management decided they needed an outlet for my ramblings, so here we are. Hope you might find something interesting.

The current plan is for me to talk about Flex in the context of real world problems. Specifically I’m going to try to focus on the data side of the Flex app, the M in MVC if you will. I’ve also got some level of experience in the C, but I won’t do you much good when it comes to the V. We’re going to start off with a discussion on dealing with large amounts of data. In talking with customers I’ve had questions come up like: “what if I need to display 20,000 records?” So we’re gonna think about ways to deal with that situation. As time passes I hope to delve into other topics like general architecture, performance, and the secret to a good fruit crisp (hint: extra crisp).So what do I bring to the table? For one, I worked a lot on Flex, so I know what it can and can’t do. Beyond that I’ve primarily done J2EE development. First I worked on a standard web application where we thought generating our UI entirely using XSL at runtime was a good idea. It was not a good idea (at least in 2000). The second round of that product was much better and though we didn’t know it at the time utilized a lot of the best practices you’ll find out there, especially in its data architecture. After a stint integrating that system into another product and working on some smaller projects I came to Macromedia where I began working on the server portion of an RIA. This was my introduction to Flash (MX) and boy was it ugly. So when I found out that Macromedia was working on a product meant for people like me I knew that I had to participate. I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve put out, and I hope that many of you will be able to play with it and eventually develop real applications that provide the kind of user experience your customers deserve.I’m not sure how often this blog will be updated as I’ll be working on the next version of Flex, but I hope to put up something new every week or so. In the meantime check out FlexCoders as a way to chat with fellow Flex developers; and of course keep an eye on the Flex homepage for the latest news and information.