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Test from a distance

I’ve joined a project recently where I’ve been at the Macromedia office in San Francisco but the server I’ve been hitting is across the country. As soon as I started working I saw real performance problems where the application wouldn’t start for a long time. It turned out that there was a lot of data required for the app to initialize, but now that the data had to travel outside of the intranet its size became noticeable. This required a real adjustment for the application. The engineer decided to pass down thin versions of each object and as necessary load the additional details instead of getting all of the data at once . This reduced the amount of data on the wire significantly and allowed the app to start up in a reasonable time. Getting more data on demand produces a slight delay, but you can “entertain” the user easily enough to pass the time.

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Stop by if you’re at JavaOne

I’ll be in the Macromedia booth at JavaOne next week in San Francisco. Stop by and say hello if you’re there.

MAX 2004

If you’re not tired of me by then, I’ll be speaking at MAX in New Orleans( on large data and Flex. The title of my talk is officially Optimizing Flex Performance with Large Data Sets but since I haven’t written anything yet we’ll see what actually happens. Check out some of the other talks on Flex in the Developing Rich Internet Applications track. Hope to see you there, first week of November!

The Flex Book is Coming!

It’s getting closer…Developing Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex is now in production and should be hitting bookshelves soon. Ali and Steven have posted more the first 30 pages for even more early perusal on their blog. Don’t forget, the early preview of the chapter on working with J2EE can be found at TheServerSide.