ECMA Approves ECMAScript for XML (E4X)

Check out this Press Release. Various industry leaders talking about what E4X brings to the world of ECMAScript including our own David Mendels: "E4X brings even more power and functionality to ECMAScript and shows the strength of open standards,” said David Mendels, general manager, Macromedia. “We leverage ECMAScript broadly throughout most of our products and it serves as the foundation for ActionScript, the scripting language for both Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Flex. Continued refinement of this standard ensures our developers are able to use a very familiar language for building rich Internet applications."

ActionScript is based on ECMAScript. ECMAScript is adding this cool new XML functionality. Hmm…

3 Responses to ECMA Approves ECMAScript for XML (E4X)

  1. Clint Tredway says:

    Sounds very interesting…

  2. ECMAScript for XML

    Also check this out too. What I like this about is that it can access and modify xml elements, attributes, and nodes directly just like FlashVar class does. Anyways, it’s Standard ECMA-357 and its specification is at

  3. bruce says:

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