Non-database examples available

I’ve posted a new zip file for all of the data management examples. You are no longer required to have a database to run them. This should make installing and testing even easier. You can download the new zip file here.

All I did was create a simple (non-robust) parser for the CSV file that I was using to import the data into the database. I wrote a new version of my DAO and had the CensusService use that instead. The database DAO is still in the source and you can see the commented out calls to it in the CensusService. I admit, I was too lazy to create an interface/factory for the DAO, etc. so you’ll just have to survive with my quick edits. The only change I made to the MXML was to set the RemoteObject for CensusService to type=stateful-class so that access was more efficient. The logic has not changed at all.

Hope you find this useful!

One Response to Non-database examples available

  1. Matt says:

    OK, I’ll see what I can come up with. I haven’t been posting a lot due to all the things we’re working on here, but I’ve been trying to come up with topics that won’t take me days and this seems straightforward enough 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!