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iteration::two Sharing the Love

Ali over at iteration::two has been a madman of late posting a number of samples on their blog over the last few days. Recommended reading for all.

Note: Author receives no benefit from promoting this site. It just gives him something he can post quickly while heads down working on the next Flex release.

RemoteObject Stateful vs. Stateless Classes

Hans asked a while back if I’d discuss stateful vs. stateless classes for the RemoteObject tag. I don’t think I have anything definitive or official to say, but I’ll go through my own thought process as to how I decide what kind of class I’m going to use. First, the default is stateless, so I try to err on using a stateless class unless something compelling comes along to make the class stateful. With that in mind, some reasons to consider stateful classes (not in any order).

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Notes on Data Validation

I’ve been answering some questions for folks internally and externally about validation and thought I’d try to post it here for anyone who’s interested. This is a combination of personal opinion as to how validation can work as well as notes on how it does work now…

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