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What Are Your Favorite Learning Materials?

One of the things we’re constantly doing with Flex is adding to and improving the learning materials provided with the product and on the web site. This includes prose documentation, the ASDoc API descriptions, sample applications, and tutorials. I’m probably going to be spending a good deal of time on these over the next few months, and will be looking to the community for feedback and suggestions. So let’s get started with some not-so-simple questions…

What learning materials would you hold up as an example of how to do things correctly? What specifically did you like about them? For example, I’ve heard that ASP.NET gets high marks for its documentation. Have you used any of it? Anything to share?

Any particular Macromedia documentation that stands out for us to emulate? Suppose hypothetically that Macromedia had to focus on just one kind of learning material; where would you want that focus? Samples? Tutorials? Some new kind of material?

All feedback appreciated for now; this is the warmup. More detailed questions to follow as we pick up steam on this effort.

Will you be at MAX 2004?

Quick survey to see who’s planning on going to MAX in New Orleans in November and will be attending Flex sessions. It turns out that my session will be offered twice, once at 8am. What kind of bribes will I need to get people to show up that early?