Will you be at MAX 2004?

Quick survey to see who’s planning on going to MAX in New Orleans in November and will be attending Flex sessions. It turns out that my session will be offered twice, once at 8am. What kind of bribes will I need to get people to show up that early?

7 Responses to Will you be at MAX 2004?

  1. Steve says:

    another hurricane (drink or weather formation, take your pick!)

  2. Stacy Young says:

    Myself and Jimmy are speaking in a few sessions. (Proving the case of flex to management) Should be a good time.Also please note we owe the entire flex team a round of cold ones for the “endpoint” addition to remoteobject. ;-)Here’s the coupon you’ll need:—————| FREE BEER |—————-Stace

  3. Dirk Eismann says:

    My session on tuesday 8:30am has been cancelled so I guess that will work. No need for bribes – I will be jet-lagged anyway but booze coupon are fine for me, too :)Dirk.

  4. Matt ….. bribe is simple; make sure everyone turns up to my early morning session, and I’ll do same for yours 😉

  5. Matt says:

    I looked at the pre-registration info the other day and surprisingly I had 33 people for my morning session. I guess enough people have timezones working in their favor 🙂 At least it’s not Thursday early!

  6. Bryan Tidd says:

    I’ll be at Max, Working to have my GIS application done by then…using Flex.I plan to make as many sessions as possible.

  7. Dave Smith says:

    Wish I could be at Max, unfortunately for location reasons (i live in the uk) i signed up for Flash Europe conference in Barcelona. Now, having already booked flights and accom, they’ve suddently decided (3 weeks before the conf) to shift the date to March 2005!?…why don’t i live in the States? 🙂