Flex in action

Want to see a new app out there that uses Flex? Check out the demo of BridgeWerx. Flex is shown starting around 1:30. Congrats to Clint and all the folks at 5by5.

4 Responses to Flex in action

  1. Clint Modien says:

    Thanks for the recognition Matt!! I just wanted to add that the application itself is available to play with now at:http://bwdesigner.5by5software.com/BRIDGEWERX/BRIDGEWERX.mxmlregistration is freeAnd the website with more info is at:http://bridgewerx.com

  2. Clint Modien says:

    I also wanted to add the rest of the names of the bridgewerx dev team here…Paul Cameron – LeadZeljko PavicLuciano BarbieriFerdinand FernandezBrendan MeutznerMatt… thanks again for all the help in the yahoo flexcoders groups… (It’s invaluable)

  3. Matt says:

    I should also point to the Macromedia Italy app that Marco wrote: http://flex.fromatoweb.it/flex/registrazione/registrazione.mxml

  4. Ken Young says:

    This looks great. I would like to see a white paper somewhere on how the drawing features / flowcharting were created for the application