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  1. An interesting item under who will qualify for the license in the FAQ:• Bloggers who want to showcase Flex applications on their personal blog.It would be nice if delevopers could showcase flex apps on their home page. Sigh… guess I’ll have to start a blog.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m not sure if you’re joking here, the point is as long as it’s non-commerical it’s fine to use it. As far as demoing work that you’ve done for a corporate client in order to garner more business I believe that would not qualify.

  3. Scott Barnes says:

    Thats all good and well, but the only way you can deploy your App is just the swf itself yeah? in that in order to put it online i’d either have to have my own FLEX server? or simply run the app locally and then uplaod the swf to my webhost correct?But, wikkid all the same.

  4. Matt says:

    I believe the license will be for a Flex server so if you run your own site you can install it there. If you’re being hosted I guess it’s most likely that you’d just compile the swf with mxmlc and post it (without using any data services or turning the proxy off as necessary).

  5. Scott Barnes says:

    Aye,Figured as much. Thats where it will kick a few in the head. Needless to say, its about time i shelled out for my own install rights on a server – because i’ma gawna finally get to show off some FLEX apps.You’ve all made me a very happy monkey now, see thatss all Macromedia had to was invite the non-commericals in…

  6. Adam says:

    If you compile with mxmlc, does it have the same 2-day time limit as the Free Trial?Aslo, your comment above that you have to turn off the data services….does that mean that using SOAP, Flash Remoting, etc won’t work if the full server is not used? I haven’t got a CD yet to try.

  7. Matt says:

    After I wrote my comment I was informed by someone internal that what I suggested might not be allowed according to what’s currently in the license. However given the need for bloggers who don’t host we’ll be giving it another look. So stay tuned! Fortunately since no one has this license yet we’re not affecting anyone :-)As for mxmlc, if you compile with a fully licensed version it will not timeout. Be aware that the normal license stipulates that any server that serves the SWF (regardless of whether it compiled it) must have a Flex license.The data services comment means that those features generally require the server to be running.