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Guest Post on File Upload

Jimmy Gianninas of Optimal Payments has been kind enough to write a quick example of one way to get file upload into your Flex app. Rather than write a full-blown devnet article which will take weeks to get edited and posted, we’re putting it up on my blog to get it out faster. You can get the examples here. There is a Word document describing some of the files, and then a number of files that you can use as templates to get yourself going. Note that none of it will run out of the box, you must edit files and set up your server as appropriate.

Thanks again to Jimmy for the community contribution. If you have questions you might be better off posting on flexcoders rather than in the comments since I’m not sure how often he’ll check them.

Enabling gzip compression for data services

Brian Deitte on the Flex team wrote up a quick set of classes that can be used to compress your network traffic for all 3 data services (RemoteObject using AMF, HTTPService, and WebService). Dan Schaffer on the QA team then did a number of performance tests to see what kind of improvements we could get. I’ve been given permission to re-post his results here. This is strictly for experimentation, it is not officially supported in any way.

You can download the source (includes a README for setup which you should read since it has more info than Dan’s report) here. Dan’s report follows:

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Data Management Talk Now Available

Not sure if I’ll get in trouble for making this publicly available 🙂 Here’s a recorded version of my MAX talk titled: Optimizing Flex Performance with Large Data.

How was MAX?

Plenty of other folks are writing about what went on at MAX, but I just wanted to say that I had a great time meeting the folks behind the emails and hearing about some of the things that people are doing. Many of the presentations should be online in the next few days, available at minimum for MAX attendees, not sure if they’ll be available to the general public.

For those of you who attended the Flex sessions I’d love to hear what you thought. Did we cover enough? Should there have been more detail, less detail, more advanced, less advanced? Some people told me that they thought the sessions could have been longer with the amount discussed, though the ones that I attended didn’t end up having much in the way of questions and ended on time. So I’ll be curious to see what people thought and what we can do to make the sessions even better next time around.

Thanks to all who came by. Now get back to work and start using 1.5 🙂

MAX examples posted

I’ve uploaded the 1.5 versions of my data management examples, the same ones that I’m showing in my MAX presentation. Grab ’em here and give ’em a whirl. Please check out the README first to make sure you get it installed correctly.

Flex 1.5, GO GO GO

It’s out. Go get it. You can download a trial for free!!!