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Localizing Validator Errors

A common request I’ve seen is a way to localize the Validator error messages. Unfortunately the built-in Validator classes don’t make that easy in their current state (something we’re hoping to work on in the next version). In the meantime, here is one approach (and I’m sure there are more if you wanted) to changing the error messages using some form of resource file.

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Flex is a CODiE Award Finalist

The CODiE Awards finalists have been announced and Flex is a finalist in the Best Software Development Product category. Check out the other finalists here.

At SF MMUG Tonight

I’m making a last minute presentation at the SF user group tonight at Macromedia (600 Townsend St, 1st floor). This will be a basic introduction to Flex for those who probably aren’t familiar, but if you want to come ask some advanced topic questions I’ll look forward to seeing you.