Macromedia Training Is Great!

Check out this post by Steven Erat on the Flex for ColdFusion Developers course he took recently. These kinds of courses are offered all the time and all over; very worthwhile to rapidly increase your skills or if you’re trying to find out if Flex can really suit your needs .

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  1. Jake Hawkes says:

    I have just completed a degree at Boise State University and was throttled when we had to make a Java servey application for Boise Cascade for our senior project.We were going along great with our app development until we came to the data connection and session managment. I find that this is where most would be developers falter in three tier archtecture. We can usually build a data system, and the UI is relatively easy and getting better with FLEX, so that leaves us with the best methods to create the traditional second tier, reguardless of where that falls within Flex. Students struggled with the use of serverside or dynamic web connectivity. If we went dynamic which method was best(FLEX/ASP/JSP/XML-HTML)?This is without a doubt the issue. Sumarize the methods for connections and data integration and present best real working practices for not only CF but Tomcat and .NET as well!!!