Embedding HTML in a Flex App?

Check out Christophe’s article on embedding HTML in a Flex app by using an IFRAME. There are plenty of times when this approach will be inappropriate, but when it’s right it’s pretty sweet.

3 Responses to Embedding HTML in a Flex App?

  1. Martin says:

    I was not able to find and doc on how i pass a dataprovider for my minor tickers in a line chart. i need a chart with ticks showing years with minor tickers showing me the 12 months in between. i am not having any idea how my DP should look like for getting thispls help me in this and pls mail me for any clarificationsThanks

  2. maxmarino says:

    Hi,i have a flex application, which is basically composed by a dividedbox, on the left theres a tree navigation created by an xml filethru an asp file, on the right there are the results that appears ifyou click on the tree sections. This results are into a database,and are called through the function SelectedNode.@….As you can see from the code attached down here, results are dividedin a serie of Label and 2 TextInput, this last two, should contain alink, that is also took from the database file, but it doesnt work,i tried several way, and i dont know how to do it, some of you haveany idea please?It should be linked: selectedNode.@Weband: selectedNode.@eMailI appreciated…Maxmx:Script>![CDATA[[Bindable]public var selectedNode:Object;[Bindable]public var XLC:XML;public function initList(event:Event){XLC = event.target.result;}public function treeChanged(event:Event) {selectedNode=Tree(event.target).selectedNode;}]]>mx:HDividedBox width=”100%” height=”320″>mx:VBox width=”234″ textAlign=”center” height=”320″verticalAlign=”middle”>mx:Label text=”{selectedNode.@RagioneSociale}”fontFamily=”Verdana” fontSize=”14″ fontWeight=”bold”textAlign=”center” width=”250″ color=”#ffffff”/>mx:Label text=”{selectedNode.@Indirizzo}”textAlign=”center” width=”250″ color=”#ffffff” fontWeight=”bold”fontSize=”11″/>mx:Label text=”{selectedNode.@Localita}”textAlign=”center” width=”250″ color=”#ffffff” fontWeight=”bold”fontSize=”11″/>mx:Label text=”{selectedNode.@YTP}” width=”250″fontWeight=”bold” fontSize=”14″ color=”#000000″/>mx:Label text=”{selectedNode.@AttivitaPrep}”width=”250″ fontWeight=”bold” color=”#ffffff” fontSize=”12″/>mx:Label text=”{selectedNode.@Settore}” width=”250″fontWeight=”bold” color=”#ffffff” fontSize=”12″/>1ST LINK:mx:TextInput text=”{selectedNode.@Web}” editable=”true”width=”250″ fontWeight=”bold” backgroundColor=”#527FC1″color=”#ffffff” fontSize=”11″/>2ND LINK:mx:TextInput text=”{selectedNode.@eMail}”editable=”true” width=”250″ fontWeight=”bold”backgroundColor=”#527FC1″ color=”#ffffff” fontSize=”11″/>/mx:VBox>/mx:HDividedBox>/mx:Application>

  3. Matt Chotin says:

    Send this through flexcoders.