Blog Author Survey

Do you have a blog? Help Macromedia out and fill out this quick survey!


4 Responses to Blog Author Survey

  1. Can I just say – the question where the fields had to add up to “7 dollars” was the single most annoying survey question I’ve seen in my life. I had to work on it about 10 times more than any other question. It didn’t like “half dollars” although it didn’t make that clear in the question, so I have to find a way to use whole #s and someone sum up to 7. A pain. 🙂 Outside of that – survey done.

  2. Matt says:

    Forwarded that on to the team, I was confused when I filled it out too.

  3. deeje says:

    🙂 Yeah, that is a tough question, partly because of the limitations of an onlilne survey mechanism, but mostly because of the nature of the information we want to collect. We ask a similar question when we do face-to-face customer visits, and we often spend the most time on this very same question. Imagine trying to answer that question with 3 other colleagues!I do appreciate the time you spent on it, thanks!