MAX Mini-outline

I was informed today that I’ve actually had a pretty good number of people register for the Monday 9am session that I’m giving. Are you all insane? At least I won’t have to deal with a change in timezones 🙂 Thought you might be interested in a super-rough sketch of the things I’ll probably talk about. Note that while the session says that it’s advanced I’d probably put it somewhere between intermediate and advanced since we’ll be talking concepts much more than code. You hopefully won’t need to know Flex in great detail to get something out this.

The guiding theme of my talk is RIA architecture. Within that I’m hoping to spend some time discussing (not necessarily in this order):

  • What’s a distributed application and how do you think about them?
  • MVC, what’s it mean, how does it differ in the Flex world from an HTML/CF/JSP world?
  • What’s a Framework, why use a Framework?
  • Data architecture across tiers
  • Performance

Pretty broad huh? How does this sound? Any comments on things to add or pull?

4 Responses to MAX Mini-outline

  1. I would comment about ASP, .NET, and PHP’s involvement, even if there is none.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m one of the suckers in your 9:00 session, and I think that your outline looks pretty good. I think your talks on MVC and frameworks will be good. I’m hoping to come away with some ideas for how to architect robust Flex apps from the start so that they’re easy to maintain and easy to add to later.

  3. Bryan Tidd says:

    Well, Looking forward to the session. Would like a deep dive on the next framework and enterprise services…but will be happy to get what your going for….

  4. superabe says:

    Looking forward to your session. I know you said no code but, a framework walkthrough of a real-world application will really be usefull. It doesnt even need to be code-walkthrough. A walkthrough of the packages and classes by itself would help tremendously.