MAX Talk

A recorded version of my MAX presentation is now posted. It runs around 30 minutes if you listen to the recording or you can just read the slides and notes. If for some reason the permissions get changed so it’s not publicly available I’ll try to re-post it from my personal account.

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5 Responses to MAX Talk

  1. jerry hamby says:

    Can the messaging service, built into the Flex Enterprise server, act as a stand-alone JMS? If so, how does it compare to the built-in JMS inside of JRun?

  2. Matt says:

    Here’s what Sean said:You can use FES as a standalone message bus for reliable, durable messaging but for Flex/Flash clients only, and it does not expose Java API’s — JMS or otherwise — in that configuration.However, you can also integrate with JMS by configuring the message service’s JMS adapter. This will allow Flex/Flash clients to connect to JMS destinations hosted by your JMS middleware product, and it will also allow non-Flash clients, such as JMS Java clients, to publish and subscribe to the same JMS destinations that your Flex/Flash clients are using.

  3. Eric Stevens says:

    My two cents about Flex 2 and ColdFusion. By Eric Stevens.I came back from MAX 2005 floating on air about Flex 2.0, as a CF programmer I have been hoping for a product like this since ColdFusion MX was first released and we were told that CFMX and Flash would be our answer to crappy looking sites that had dynamic content.I must say I have come back down to the ground, my success getting Flex to use my CF Query’s has not worked. I bought the book “developing rich clients with macromedia FLEX� at MAX and find a lot has changed since this book was written. The book has no info on remoting in Flex 2.0.That said, this is what I would like to see from MM. Flex 2.0 $699.00 Flex 2.0 ColdFusion Plugin $299.00 (tags or components that allow native transfer of CF results (calls to a database eg. Selects, Update, Insert) to and from the swf’s Flex creates.So nayone who wants to use the power of Flex with the power of ColdFusion would need to spend; $6K for ColdFusion Enterprise or $1.2K for Pro and another $1K for the IDE to put it all together.How could this work?ColdFusion has an updater that anyone with a valid license can download and apply, put the crossdomain xml file in the root of your web directory (so it will work with any ISP hosting CFMX7) Then all I need to do is pop all my CF querys into a CFC change access to remote and call them.Wouldn’t that be nice!

  4. Mike says:

    I like the slides and notes along witht he presentation. I think you did a wonderful job on both.

  5. Steve says:

    Wow, watching your presentation made me realize I have a lot of cleaning up to do! Thanks for the extar work! lol.. This should make things smoother in the future, really, thanks!