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Peter Ent Porting Project

Peter Ent has started documenting the process of porting his Flickr app written in Flex 1.5 to Flex 2. A lot of good details about the kinds of things he’s run into that might help you as you begin moving to 2.0.

Start here with the description of the 1.5 app, then move through to the next entries.

So we’re Adobe…

An interesting time but life continues normally on the Flex team. No changes in deadlines, no changes in direction, we’re still moving forward on Flex 2 and it’s looking good so far! An FAQ about the merger and how it affects things can be found at

I’ve been heads-down working on Flex Enterprise Services but I hope that in the next month I’ll be able to get some writings up (no guarantees though). I’d love to give more background on the new Collections API and changes in our RPC services as I think they’re useful. So keep an eye out, but be patient as we’ve got a lot going on 🙂