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Learn from the Kiwi Team

Check out the Kiwi Team Blog where all sorts of good information is being posted. Brian Riggs has just added a great introduction to the architecture involved in a large Flex app. Definitely worth a read.

Samples on the Adobe Developer Center

I wanted to point out a preview of what’s to come for Flex 2 samples on the Developer Center. We’ve just posted a description of the SDK Dashboard sample and provided a link to the running version.

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CF plus Flex is Rad!

I’ve never been a huge fan of RAD. But that’s largely because I’m not interested in building the kinds of apps for which RAD tools are generally used. My apps are never just “get it done,” I tend to want to do it “my way.” Right or wrong, it’s the way I’ve been. With that said, you should check out the stuff that the CF team has been working on. Taking RAD to a whole new level by bring CF together with Flex in a nifty little tool.

Check out Damon’s blog post and also the Captivate demo!

See JBoss Mail using Flex 2

Anyone want to help super evangelist James Ward on the JBoss Mail Client? Learn about the JBoss Collaboration Server and the role that Flex is going to play in it!

Another Ely Component

Ely has complained that I don’t care about him because I don’t link to his blog posts with new components. It’s really not because I don’t care, it’s because I feel bad that I never write stuff that looks so cool. Check out his latest and you can understand why I feel inferior.

Beta 3 Baby!

Go get it!

New Role, Same Team

In April 2003 I had been at Macromedia for two months working on a very small team investigating possible new business opportunities around data visualization. We had a small J2EE backend piece and a Flash frontend written in AS1. It was my first exposure to programming in Flash and I admit I wasn’t too fond of it. Ely Greenfield had some tricks that helped me wrangle it into my Java-disposed mindset, but in general the development model wasn’t much fun.

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