Samples on the Adobe Developer Center

I wanted to point out a preview of what’s to come for Flex 2 samples on the Developer Center. We’ve just posted a description of the SDK Dashboard sample and provided a link to the running version.

When Flex 2 launches we’re hoping to get every sample that ships with the product (both SDK and FDS) its own description on the Developer Center along with links to a running version of the app (where you can view source). We’re hoping that this exposure to the sample code along with more detailed descriptions about what the sample shows and why it’s important will be one of many steps in improving our resources for the developer community.Every description that’s posted (and every README shipped with the samples) will have a description of the app, features highlighted from the framework and FDS (if appropriate), and any additional implementation notes that might be important.The dashboard example is short, but if you’ve downloaded Flex 2 Beta 3 check out the restaurant sample README.html and you’ll see more.Feel free to post comments on the README format and contents here.

2 Responses to Samples on the Adobe Developer Center

  1. Hi Matt,Now that you refer to the restaurant sample, I want to ask you about the motivation to remove the selection map. The application in Flex 1.5 looks better and more “RIA”, don’t you think?

  2. Matt Chotin says:

    I didn’t do the initial scaling down of the sample, I think mostly it was to get something a little smaller to make it more manageable. The map functionality is certainly something we can investigate putting back in later (if you want to do the work maybe we can even incorporate it back in later!).There will be another sample coming with FDS hopefully that does show interaction with a map, I’m really hopeful that we can get it all working because I think it will be cool.