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Flex 2 Learning Materials

One of the things that I focused on for the last 5 months of the Flex 2 release was the different learning materials that we wanted to get out. We decided to operate under the “more is better” principle, so I’d like to mention a few of the things that we did.

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Christophe’s blog has moved

Make sure you update everything based on (instead of com).

Intel-based Mac Player 9 Beta

Get your Mactel beta player here.

I’ll try to post an update on our FlexBuilder 2 Mac plans on the flexteam blog in the next few days.

Thanks to the Adobe Web Team(s)!

The Adobe web site is huge. I’m not sure I fully understood its vastness until last night when I watched as 20 people were online from 9pm through 3am as they worked to make the Flex 2 launch happen. Press releases had to be posted, the store needed to be updated, new product pages launched, a whole new Developer Center, and on and on. I won’t lie and say that it was smooth as butter; a nasty little process got in the way and kept undoing the changes they pushed out. But they perservered and we’re now live and flushing out the remaining little kinks.

Thanks to you, the Flex community, for your patience with the site. But bigger thanks to the web team(s) for helping our little product see the light of day!

New Blog from NJ

NJ has been a big contributor to Flex, especially on Flex Builder (you can thank him for the nifty View Source implementation). Check out his new blog!


Thank you for all of the testing and feedback and love you’ve given us over the last 8+ months (since we released the alpha). We’re very pleased that Flex 2 is now available. Check out as one entry point into lots of our resources including the downloads.

One thing you’ll notice is the new Flex Team Blog. The first post is by me but we’re hoping that it will get contributions from many of our team members as we really work to keep the conversation going with the community on where we are and where we need to go.

Did you know Roger’s blogging?

Now you know!

He’s been posting some stuff for the last few days on modular applications but nothing seems to be picking it up. Spread the word!

Real-World Flex Seminar

Lots of folks have already posted about this but I’ll be late to the party and post anyway. Sys-Con is putting together a Real-World Flex Seminar on August 14th in New York. More info found here. I’m really excited about the level of interest we’re seeing in Flex and that events are starting to form to support it.

I’ve been working on the MAX planning for the track that will include most of the Flex talks and I think it’s going to be awesome. More info on that when I can share (so don’t ask now).

More announcements coming soon 😉

Australian Flex Derby!

We’ve finally got an official Derby running outside North America, woohoo!

Details here.

Mildly insulting fake accents not required.

The Risks of Developing in Flash Authoring vs. Flex Builder (humor)

As shown in this alarming demonstration developers using Flash Authoring run the risk of their creations using the tools against them. You are less likely to have this risk in Flex Builder.

Flex Builder, the safe development choice. Coming soon…

Note: please watch the movie before thinking that this post is actually a vote for Flex Builder vs. Flash Authoring; it is not. I want you to buy both 🙂