Flex 2 Learning Materials

One of the things that I focused on for the last 5 months of the Flex 2 release was the different learning materials that we wanted to get out. We decided to operate under the “more is better” principle, so I’d like to mention a few of the things that we did.

1) Introduced the Quick Starts: The Quick Starts are a series of short articles that serve as introductions to basic features and tasks that you will want to accomplish as you get going with Flex. Aral Balkan has done most of the writing. Each article points into the standard docs for more information.2) Added to the ASDoc examples and made them consistent with the Component Explorer. There is no difference in the examples between these two resources, the explorer is now essentially a different way of indexing into them. All those other examples that used to be in the explorer? Well I’m expecting them to go into number 3…3) Introduced the cookbook. We’re still working out the final name and don’t have a good codename, but that shouldn’t stop you from being excited about this great resource we’re building. You can read all about it in Craig’s article, and make sure to let us know if you’re interested in joining the seed program to help contribute initial content, provide feedback on the UI, etc. We’re going to try to keep releasing more information on this project so that everyone knows what’s coming, but it is unfortunately still a little ways off from being ready. Frankly this is the one that most excites me. But I’m still pretty happy with number 4…4) New samples! You can see the current SDK samples here but it will be another week or two before I have the FDS samples hosted publicly (hardware took longer to arrive than expected). Each sample is trying to highlight different things in the framework and describes what it’s doing in the associated README. Please take a look and give us feedback as to what other samples you might wish to see. I often hear “more samples with source” but if there’s techniques you feel we should be demonstrating, please let us know.Of course on top of this the Flex IMD team has done a tremendous job working on the documentation, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it but can always use more (good and bad). And I’m pretty excited to see the number of Flex books planned, I will happily plug your book if you send me a copy :-)The Flex team will continue to provide samples and other learning materials, but what excites me most is the level of enthusiasm I see in the community towards helping each other. It’s great to have this spirit and I really look forward to seeing what everyone will be coming up with.Make sure to let us know the things we could improve to make your learning experiences even better!