Thanks to the Adobe Web Team(s)!

The Adobe web site is huge. I’m not sure I fully understood its vastness until last night when I watched as 20 people were online from 9pm through 3am as they worked to make the Flex 2 launch happen. Press releases had to be posted, the store needed to be updated, new product pages launched, a whole new Developer Center, and on and on. I won’t lie and say that it was smooth as butter; a nasty little process got in the way and kept undoing the changes they pushed out. But they perservered and we’re now live and flushing out the remaining little kinks.

Thanks to you, the Flex community, for your patience with the site. But bigger thanks to the web team(s) for helping our little product see the light of day!

3 Responses to Thanks to the Adobe Web Team(s)!

  1. Scriptor says:

    Hey, I’ve just downloaded the flex sdk and got my first app up and running today, thanks for creating this. I can’t believe how easy it was to also get it online (, all I had to do was upload one file and get the plugin for flash player 9. Also, I like how this is brand-new technology and I’ve already started on it.

  2. Simon says:

    Flex 2 is amazing! Especially when used in congunction with the builder. While the learning curves is steeper than CF (I know you can’t really compare the two) it is equally as enjoyable to go through the documentation and examples.Last time I was this hooked was when I picked up CF for the first time (7 years ago)