Don’t be late to the MAX Keynote on Tuesday

You will significantly regret missing the beginning of the keynote, so please be on time or early even!

3 Responses to Don’t be late to the MAX Keynote on Tuesday

  1. Benz says:

    But only if you have a wireless internet connection. How will you otherwise download apollo from the labs?Just joking (Hoping) 😉

  2. Yesssssssssss…. I’m sweltering in the un-airconditioned Oakland airport as we speak. Got here 3hrs early expecting major line-ups and all that… parked and got to the gate in 35mins (including dropping my boarding pass and having to wander around to find it). 🙂

  3. Joshua Noble says:

    I know this is a strange place to leave it, but Rich Gonzalez mentioned in his talk that you were the guy to get in touch with for a flex 2.0.1 private beta. Is that true and if so, is this the right place to leave you a little note : )