Have your friends try Flex

Most folks who read my blog already have Flex installed, but we hear all the time about the need to convince friends that Flex is as cool as we say it is. Look no further, send them to The FLEXifier! Ben Forta, Ted Patrick, and Ray Camden have put together a nice site where you can type in your MXML and have the server compile and display it for you. No need to install the SDK or Flex Builder. It’s the fastest way to see what Flex can do.

11 Responses to Have your friends try Flex

  1. Jack says:

    I do not use flex like it is base on Java or something and run like hell on my laptop and PC!

  2. betrouni says:

    your link ( The FlEXifier!) doesn’t work! Oooops!

  3. Mike McEnery says:

    Hi,I saw your reply on Ben’s site regarding Grant’s request to acquire the Java API information and I would like to contacted for the same reason.Thanks in advance,Mike

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi,Roger Gonzalez told me in his blog to ask you if there is a way to get into Flex 2.01 beta b/c we are developing a advanced Flex application that really needs the module functionality he is implementing. We would like to optimize it during beta with our feedback of course.thx Thomas Bedenkhttp://blogs.adobe.com/rgonzalez/2006/10/max_modules_and_other_stuff.html#comments

  5. T. Shaw says:

    Just started the tutorials for flex, have loaded the code correctly for Blog Reader but when testing only the dates appear, no blogs. Have checked the address independently and that works. Any ideas.

  6. Matt Chotin says:

    I just ran it and it worked for me on Firefox 1.5.

  7. kene ijezie says:

    I just started out on Flex 2 2day…its really cool. Can’t wait to tryout some of its cool features.In a matter of minutes, I have completed a sample app to read through RSS feeds.the tutorial is tight!

  8. K Henderson says:

    Just got Flex 2 1/2 hour ago, and poof sample app complete. This is really cool. Can’t wait to test more. Its Awesome.

  9. Lumba says:

    When can we expect some nice Flex 2 video tutorials? Kinda of like the Flex versions of gotoandlearn.com…?

  10. Lumba says:

    I’m trying to create a comment system using flex – just to place on individual pages and run independently on those pages. any ideas where to start? i’d like to incorporate comment counting, and comment displaying, all within the page, or in the flex app if necessary. thanks

  11. Matt Chotin says:

    Sounds like something where you’d use the HTTPService to save data to the backend, then just display how you want in your app. If you can share more details as to what you’re looking for I bet someone can help more on the forums or flexcoders.