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Flex Cookbook Beta now Live!

I’m very excited that the Flex Cookbook is now live in beta form. A common request that I see is the need for more samples. The cookbook provides a great mechanism, a simple Problem/Solution/Explanation format that gets you code and answers in a taggable and searchable format.

Flexcoders has so much traffic these days and many questions are ones we’ve seen before. The Flex cookbook is going to help us out by providing a central repository for commonly needed code and solutions.

So start posting your own tips and make sure to add the cookbook as a valuable resource for your Flex coding needs!

Out on vacation

I’ll be on vacation until mid-January so emails to me will go unanswered as will responses to various forums and blog comments 🙂 Happy Holidays to all!

James Ward is bringing sexy back!

At Javapolis

We need Flex SDK beta testers for Linux

We need testers who can install the Linux Debug Player and build Flex apps using the Flex SDK. We’re looking for folks who can test their own apps (including using fdb) as well as visiting other sites that use Flash.

Please mail me, mchotin AT if interested (ETA: please include your expected distro as well).