James Ward is bringing sexy back!

At Javapolis

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  1. jow says:

    I just developed your “blogreader” lesson from the demo-CD, and guess what… the first entry I read is that you are … at JavaPolis too.I’ll be in the audience this afternoon, looking forward to a great presentation and demo!!!Jo Wyns

  2. KOUROAH says:

    my name is ali,single from iran tehran and looking for a single female.

  3. YoYo says:


  4. Dana says:

    Hi Matt!We at Web SIG (www.thewebsig.com) belong to the Adobe group & cover Adobe apps. In fact, our November event featured James Ward, who taught us about Flex.To connect you with like-minded people, we invite you to our informative Upcoming meetings:Back To The Future: Beyond Web 2.0http://backtothefuture.eventbrite.com/Browser War: Episode II Attack of the DOMshttp://browserwarii.eventbrite.comWeb Trek: Exploring 4 Known Dimensionshttp://webtrek4dimensions.eventbrite.comPlease let me know if you have any questions.. whether these events are of interest to you .. and if not, why?Appreciate it!~ Dana