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Mark your calendars for Adobe MAX 2007!

The dates are coming in for MAX 2007! Here’s the first round of info:

North America MAX 2007
September 30-October 3, 2007
McCormick Place West, Chicago

October 2007
Barcelona, Spain

Japan MAX 2007
November 2007

This should be one of the best conferences yet, I’m pretty excited!

Amgen Tour of California Flex app still going strong!

The Flex app that Adobe built for the Amgen Tour of California is still going strong at the halfway point of the race. You should make sure to check it out and see all of the cool things that have been integrated: video, real-time data push, an awesome UI. It’s a really sweet app, and it only took 4 weeks to build!

Flex course you should check out: Programming the Visual Experience

I’ve seen people asking for learning materials to make a Flex app not look like a Flex app. I think if you look at some of the apps that are coming out like Picnik and Flip’s Flipbooks you can see some pretty neat design elements going in, not the standard Flex skins. If you want to learn more about how to create these kinds of apps, check out the Adobe Training course: Programming the Visual Experience. Total Training has released a DVD version of this course as well.

I think people have generally been very happy with these courses, so if you’ve got the interest I’d highly recommend them.

OT: Help me shill my uncle’s book

Sorry for the blatant abuse of my company blog, but I told my uncle I’d use Adobe’s page rank for good. He’s got a book coming out that I think folks will find interesting anyway: Twinkie Deconstructed. It’s a pop-science journey into the surprising ingredients found in dozens of common packaged foods, using the Twinkie label as a guide.

Do you ever read Wired Magazine’s page where they break down the ingredients in something? It’s sort of like that.

If it looks interesting, feel free to blog it so he can climb the search engine ladder.


We need writers for Flex

ETA: This req has now been closed.

Old post:
We need folks to help us the documentation at Adobe. We’ve posted info on the flexjobs list, but if you think you’d like an opportunity to work closely with the Flex team and also put some writing skills to use, please check out the position. Go to and search for entry JV120605.