Flex course you should check out: Programming the Visual Experience

I’ve seen people asking for learning materials to make a Flex app not look like a Flex app. I think if you look at some of the apps that are coming out like Picnik and Flip’s Flipbooks you can see some pretty neat design elements going in, not the standard Flex skins. If you want to learn more about how to create these kinds of apps, check out the Adobe Training course: Programming the Visual Experience. Total Training has released a DVD version of this course as well.

I think people have generally been very happy with these courses, so if you’ve got the interest I’d highly recommend them.

4 Responses to Flex course you should check out: Programming the Visual Experience

  1. Georges Gombay says:

    Hello Matt,I reached this posting in your blog through doing the examples in the Flex tutorial. This is exciting stuff and I am enjoying your contribution to making this a succes.George

  2. j says:

    raise the bar

  3. Paul Aizenberg says:

    Hi Matt,I also reached this blog from the flex tutorial! This is really great stuff! Very excited to master flex since this appears as a great alternative to developing well engineered web-based applications.

  4. Zach Stepek says:

    If anyone lives in or wants to visit the LA area and is interested in taking the Flex 2: Programming the Visual Experience course, the Rich Media Institute is offering it at a really incredible price of $590 for all three days, almost 2/3 off the market price, with the discount code ‘step9’. Visit RMI at http://www.richmediainstitute.com and sign up before all the seats fill up.