Mark your calendars for Adobe MAX 2007!

The dates are coming in for MAX 2007! Here’s the first round of info:

North America MAX 2007
September 30-October 3, 2007
McCormick Place West, Chicago

October 2007
Barcelona, Spain

Japan MAX 2007
November 2007

This should be one of the best conferences yet, I’m pretty excited!

7 Responses to Mark your calendars for Adobe MAX 2007!

  1. tsal says:

    But what’s it cost? That’s probably the only thing I can make this year, mainly because it’s within driving distance, but that’s heavily dependent on what they’re charging to get in the door.

  2. Matt Chotin says:

    When we have that info we’ll certainly let you know.

  3. Hi Matt,Great to hear that MAX will be in Barcelona! :)Hope to meet you and all others from Adobe at EMEA MAX!C.

  4. Zach Stepek says:

    MAX is going to be a ton of fun this year, I’m glad to see it hitting the Midwest, and Chicago is nice and close to home. Chicago is also hosting an FITC Road Show in June this year. Check out for more info.

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  6. Hi Matt.It’s nive to read news about Max.Great opportunities to everybody.See you there !!A big hug,Cleiton

  7. Ben says:

    Last year Max was a ton of fun…I just wish it was in Vegas again. Max 2006 was around $1200 for early bird registration.