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Cookbook Questions in Need of Answers

The Flex Cookbook is a great resource but there are plenty of questions looking for answers. If you’d be interested in writing up an entry but were looking for topics, check out the open questions cookbook entry, pick a topic, and write away!

New eval API on Exchange

I think the new D.eval library that was just posted on the Exchange will be pretty cool. Check it out and send the author your feedback!

360Flex will be great!

I got a briefing last night on some of the plans for 360Flex in August. Unfortunately I won’t have as much of the Flex team with me as last time (a certain release will be in full force) but I’m expecting some high quality presentations and a very good time. Start talking to your managers and get yourself registered!

Flex Patch for upgraded Flash Player 9

If you get the upgraded Flash Player that went out last week you’ll probably want to install a quick patch for Flex and Flex Builder so that you can continue debugging without annoying messages. Instructions are here. This patch is also meant to ensure compatibility with Flash CS3.

Tradeoffs of a Product Manager

Mordy Golding is a former Product Manager for Illustrator and has written a nifty post calling out some of the tradeoffs that we all have to make when working on a product used by a diverse group of users. You can imagine how it applies to a product like Flex or Flex Builder where we target developers coming from a variety of backgrounds attempting to build applications for a variety of use-cases. Definitely a worthwhile read.

Adobe Developer Programs

Jonathan Wall is a great guy and one of the folks in charge of Adobe Developer Relations. He’s started a blog and will be sharing news on what’s to come from Adobe as far as Developer Programs as well as requesting feedback from the community. This is one of the best channels for getting your suggestions in, so head on over!

Scrapblog Hiring

The team over at Scrapblog is hiring. They’ve gotten good buzz in the community and are building one of the coolest Flex apps I’ve seen. If you think you’ve got the skills go talk to them. Plus, working in Miami doesn’t sound all that bad 🙂 More info here.

ColdFusion Team on Tour

Even before the release of the highly successful ColdFusion MX 7 two years ago, the ColdFusion team was already hard at work scheming, experimenting, planning, building, creating … and the result is “Scorpio”, the highly anticipated 8th major ColdFusion edition. Building on top of the powerful platform introduced in ColdFusion MX, and the solid feature set of ColdFusion MX 7, “Scorpio” piles on new features and technologies for developers, administrators, technical decision makers, and more. The official “Scorpio” release is scheduled for mid-2007, but you don’t have to wait until then to see it for yourself. Ben Forta and several other members of the CF team will be demoing lots of Scorpio throughout an extended user group tour in the spring, where attendees will get to see “Scorpio” in action, as well as gain access to the pre-release beta, and get the chance to win Adobe software.

To check if the Scorpio pre-release tour is coming to an Adobe user group near you, please check the comprehensive listing of events at:

Flex User Study

Adobe’s Learning Resources and Web Teams are conducting interviews of Flex users to understand how people get up to speed in Flex and how we can facilitate that learning, what gaps exist in content or in the access to this content. The interviews last about an hour.

At this time, we are looking for Flex developers with these backgrounds:

PHP/Web developers
Java/Object-oriented back-middle enders
Asp/.net RIA developers

If you are interested in participating in these interviews, please email Laura Smith (lausmith) at

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