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Bi-directional text in Flash Platform

Emmy has provided some more details on what kind of bi-di support you can expect from the Flash Platform in the next major release.

360Flex sessions and speakers

The rough session/speaker list is now posted on the 360Flex blog. I’ll be available for harassment throughout the conference and we’ll have a session where you can ask anything and get answers to some things 🙂 Time to start registering!

New Flex Tree Component

The Flex framework team is hard at work on our latest Tree component.  It took multiple engineers to come up with the latest and greatest, however we were supported by pre-existing work.  Please check it out below and tell us if you’d find it useful.

Glenn Ruehle demonstrates the size of the new Flex Tree component.
Glenn Ruehle shows the size of the new Flex Tree while Alex Harui and Mike Schiff debate its architecture.

The Flex team always reuses as much as possible for its components
The Flex team always re-uses as much as possible when creating new components.

Solaris Player 9 Beta Refresh

Did you know there was a beta going on for the Solaris version of Player 9? Check it out and test your Flex apps.