360Flex sessions and speakers

The rough session/speaker list is now posted on the 360Flex blog. I’ll be available for harassment throughout the conference and we’ll have a session where you can ask anything and get answers to some things 🙂 Time to start registering!

2 Responses to 360Flex sessions and speakers

  1. IRFAN ASRAR says:

    Hi Matt,I just wanted to thank you for your answer to my post on yahoo answers, I really really appreciate your quick answer.Irfan

  2. Borna says:

    Dear matt chotin,I’m borna.How can I take your email address?I’m far away from you, and I have many question about flex, apollo and more important than them, develope your new technology in my country….Please give me your mail and help me in this way…thanksI’m waiting for your reply.good luckBorna