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Slides and Samples from Flex Maniacs

Here are the slides and sample code from my various talks at Flex Maniacs. Enjoy!

Keynote: Slides

MXML Inside Out: Slides Code

ActionScript 3 Performance: Slides Code

Info on Flex/.NET interoperability

Mark Piller has written an article explaining how Flex and .NET classes map to each other. Good info to know if you develop for both!

Flex Code Hinting Component

Andrew Brindamour is an intern on our team and has written a new component for doing simple hinting (similar to Auto Complete, but different). He has a thorough explanation of what he’s done as well. Check it out!

Adobe Digital Editions now available

Check out our latest release of Adobe Digital Editions. It was built using Flex 2! Right now it isn’t an Adobe AIR application, but we imagine once AIR hits 1.0 Digital Editions might move to be that. For now it uses custom build of the Flash Player, but the install experience is easy-peasy.

Registration for MAX 2007 Now Open

We’ve finally got the registration open for MAX 2007 in Chicago this year. You can go learn more and sign up here. Also check out Ted’s post on his new role as MAX evangelist and how he’s working with the rest of the team to make MAX even better.

Chat me up on The Flex Show

In case you hadn’t heard I’ll be doing a live interview with The Flex Show on Wednesday June 13 at 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT. Please join us on the Skypecast and we’ll talk about the recent Flex 3 launch, open source, and whatever else comes up!

Flex Developers needed for user research

Adobe User Research would like to talk to Flex developers next week in our historic San Francisco office. We know your time is valuable, so in exchange for your coming to our office on Townsend Street (at 7th Street) for about an hour, we would be happy to give you $100.

To see if you qualify for this research, please take a minute to answer the short survey we have posted here.

And remember, we hate spam as much as you do, so we never share your information outside of Adobe User Research.

If you are not a Flex user but would like to participate in other paid user research conducted by Adobe, please register at

And thanks! We couldn’t do it without our fantastic and opinionated customers!

New Adobe AIR App: MediaWiki Uploader

As part of the Flex 3 launch I needed to upload about 70 images for the feature introductions. Those of you who use MediaWiki (the wiki system on Labs) may know that it doesn’t support uploading multiple files at once. Each upload to the Labs wiki requires choosing the image via the file chooser and checking a box saying that you own copyright. Rather than do this work myself I decided to see if I still remembered how to code and wrote up a quick app using Adobe AIR so that I could upload lots of images at once. I’m making the app available to you all under the MIT license to do with what you please.

Download the AIR (requires Adobe AIR Beta 1)
Download the source (in theory you should be able to import this as a project into Flex Builder)

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Flex Early Evaluation Guide Now Available

Have you ever been told to take a day and learn about a new technology and figure out if it’s right for your project? Time to start surfing the web and trying to find different resources, right? Well the guys at effectiveUI have written a new O’Reilly Shortcut: Flex Early Evaluation: Assessing Flex and Your Project Needs. It includes a breakdown of what Flex is all about including a high-level summary of its features and a brief example to demonstrate its capabilities.

I assume that most of my readers already have and love Flex 🙂 But if you need a single document which provides a lot of information to give to colleagues or managers or friends, this shortcut might be perfect!

Flex 3 Details Coming Soon

Ted’s announced that he’s going to be sharing details of what’s in Flex 3 starting next week. Ted’s sneaky. He’s going to blog all this cool stuff and everyone’s going to love him for it. Then someone’s going to ask for a feature that Flex 3 isn’t supporting. What’s Ted going to do? I bet he’ll tell them to complain to me. I hate being the bad guy! Why can’t I reveal all the cool stuff and get the Flex love?