Adobe Digital Editions now available

Check out our latest release of Adobe Digital Editions. It was built using Flex 2! Right now it isn’t an Adobe AIR application, but we imagine once AIR hits 1.0 Digital Editions might move to be that. For now it uses custom build of the Flash Player, but the install experience is easy-peasy.

5 Responses to Adobe Digital Editions now available

  1. Maz says:

    Congratulations that’s a really good job ! The installation was really smooth. I hope we will be able to have the same install UE : integration between the browser and the desktop is important.The app itself is really clean…I was hoping to get Advanced AS3 for free but it was only chap2 🙁

  2. Bookworm says:

    Thanks for the new ADE. No problems with the installation – and im sitting here in front of a PC in a very rigid network … Some important changes have been made – fine. But of course for a good thing there are still some possibilities to get even better:- I wish I would have an central search field for searching in all my books … now I have to open book after book.- I wish I could generate a “deeper” bookshelf, e. g. “Science fiction” and in there “Star Wars” “Star Trek” etc. (just an example)But hey – it’s version 1.0, and it’s OK.CU 😉

  3. Koos says:

    i got an error after installing, e.g. it didn’t work.

  4. brad says:

    Intallation was perfect, but I tried to open a digital book (Adobe Max 2006 Sampler), I got the following error:Adobe DRM ErrorSystem: 7State: 4Class: 5Code: 1Message:Your Adobe software could not be activated.A bad session ID was used in the header.Eden Info: (0x24) A bad session ID was used in the header.Soap Info: Client : A bad session ID was used in the header.Adobe DRM Activator error (server code 24).Fault location: 5Contact customer support.— end —

  5. brad says:

    I was able to open trhe Advance actionscript book. The zoom feature doesn’t work well for me. It zooms off the page to the right. It was also hard to find the zoom.