Chat me up on The Flex Show

In case you hadn’t heard I’ll be doing a live interview with The Flex Show on Wednesday June 13 at 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT. Please join us on the Skypecast and we’ll talk about the recent Flex 3 launch, open source, and whatever else comes up!

4 Responses to Chat me up on The Flex Show

  1. Brett Walker says:

    I don’t have Skype (why aren’t you using Adobe Connect for this?) so I’m not sure I’ll make it to this Q&A, but having just got Flex 3 up and running I was surprised to see that there is STILL no preference to change the syntax coloring in Flex 3.The fact that this, a standard feature of many lesser code editors, wasn’t in Flex 2 was baffling to me, and a little irritating for a $500 piece of software, but okay, I could accept that you’re still in growing pains with this product. So now I’m playing with Flex 3, and it has some really compelling features, and surely the editor features have been really honed, but fracking syntax coloring customization. WTF guys? I don’t care if this is in beta — someone put this shit in before product launch! It’s one of those unsung features that really makes a big difference in terms of coding happiness.Sorry for the drive-by rant, but it’s a feature that is mandatory for any serious code editor.

  2. Jeff houser says:

    Brett,We generally use Skype to record the podcast, and for that it is a great tool. A Skyecast seemed to be the natural extension. Getting Skype set up and installed should be easy, so don’t let that stop you from coming.In the worst case scenario, you can always come and listen to the ‘podcasts’ that we create from the skypecast. Depending on the length, they should be released over the course of the next two Wednesday.

  3. Matt Chotin says:

    Hi Brett, I hope you’ll go ahead and voice your concern via the Flex bug system: where other folks can vote for the issue as well!