Flex 3 Details Coming Soon

Ted’s announced that he’s going to be sharing details of what’s in Flex 3 starting next week. Ted’s sneaky. He’s going to blog all this cool stuff and everyone’s going to love him for it. Then someone’s going to ask for a feature that Flex 3 isn’t supporting. What’s Ted going to do? I bet he’ll tell them to complain to me. I hate being the bad guy! Why can’t I reveal all the cool stuff and get the Flex love?

4 Responses to Flex 3 Details Coming Soon

  1. Tom Ortega says:

    Don’t worry, Matt. To all the old skool FlexCoders, you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.I’m telling you that when I speak to developers that have been playing with Flex for a while, one of the first questions they ask is, “Do you know Matt Chotin? That man’s a god!”However, maybe we should rename your 360|Flex Seattle session from “Harass the Flex PM” to “Shower Love on the Flex PM”? =)

  2. Mitch says:

    You could leak more tidbits about upcoming Flash Player changes… that might get you some hugs:-)

  3. Mike Givens says:

    Yes – Matt Chotin is to Flex as Bluebell is to ice cream.Mike G. :-))

  4. Ted Patrick says:

    Truth be told, Matt tells me about all the good stuff.All your Flex belongs to Matt. Hail Hail Matt!Ted 🙂