Flex Developers needed for user research

Adobe User Research would like to talk to Flex developers next week in our historic San Francisco office. We know your time is valuable, so in exchange for your coming to our office on Townsend Street (at 7th Street) for about an hour, we would be happy to give you $100.

To see if you qualify for this research, please take a minute to answer the short survey we have posted here.

And remember, we hate spam as much as you do, so we never share your information outside of Adobe User Research.

If you are not a Flex user but would like to participate in other paid user research conducted by Adobe, please register at http://www.adobe.com/survey.

And thanks! We couldn’t do it without our fantastic and opinionated customers!

4 Responses to Flex Developers needed for user research

  1. Art says:

    Too bad you guys don’t interview on the weekends.. I’d drive up there (not for the money cause I’d spend more in gas) If you ever change your minds and have surveys on the weekends I’ll be there.

  2. Tony says:

    Better yet, how about an e-interview. People down-under are opinionated too 🙂

  3. Michael Luu says:

    I can’t seem to submit my response. The form complains about not filling out question number 4 (which date/times are good). I’ve tried FF and Safari on Mac.I would really love to participate though!

  4. Developers says:

    Any online conference possible ?