Flex Boot Camp at MAX

One thing that we’re very excited about at MAX this year is the Flex Boot Camp at MAX on Wednesday morning (if you’re not as interested in Flex there are Boot Camps for other topics as well). This will be an opportunity for folks to get together, talk about interesting projects, and code. We’ll have a large contingent of the Flex team there to go around and answer questions and we’re hoping to have a number of folks from the community share what they’ve been working on if it’s something that others can take advantage of (e.g., APIs, components, etc).

If you’ll be attending MAX and have something that you’d like to share (or know of something that you’d like others to talk about) please mail me and let me know (mchotin AT adobe DOT com). We’ll be coming up with a list of 10-minute spots for folks, and I don’t want to be the only one up on stage 🙂

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