30 Days of Free Flex Training

Have you wanted to take advantage of some of the comprehensive training that has been designed by Adobe and given by some fantastic presenters? Now you can experience 30 days of training for free, offered by our friends at Total Training. Learn more about the offer here!

3 Responses to 30 Days of Free Flex Training

  1. gokul kedar says:

    Your training on populating the data in the GRID is excellent…thanks for that. I would like flex mainly for using this kind of stuff related to XML files. Do you have any specific training on how to read theXML files / updated XML files etc. That would be really helpful if i could get some help on that.

  2. Mark Luong says:

    Request for 30 Days of Free Flex Training.

  3. Matt,Totally irrelevant to the blog topic…I’m looking for information on obtaining the flex oem compiler.Maybe the guru himself is able to point me in the correct direction?Thank you,Brad M.