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We need help testing web services!

Over the last year we’ve received a lot of feedback on our Web Service support and have worked hard to address these issues. With Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 2 we rebuilt the underlying mechanism which helped a number of customers but also introduced some issues that we’ve needed to subsequently address. We now believe that we have a build that has addressed our most important issues and would like to ask for your help in testing this out on your own web services. Please download the Flex 3 SDK build 186039 from and use it to test against any web service you use with Flex. This may be a service that supports an existing Flex application, or perhaps a test service that you used to help us with bugs. We know that not all of your apps may have been built with Flex 3, but anything you can do to help us validate our fixes in a real-world scenarios would be greatly appreciated. Note: at this time we are looking for tests that use the mx:WebService (or mx.rpc.soap.WebService), not the Flex Builder WSDL wizard.

Please send us any and all feedback as soon as possible, as we are reaching the end of our development cycle and want to make sure we have addressed as much as we can. Bugs can be filed at and it will be helpful if you can include the WSDL, a small example of how to call the service, and best if you can include a sniffed version of the SOAP traffic. See below for an example MXML testcase.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="">


import mx.controls.Alert;
import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;

private function makeCall():void
var myArgument:String = "foo";

private function resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
output.text += "\n" + ObjectUtil.toString(event.result);

private function faultHandler(event:FaultEvent):void
{"Fault", event.fault.toString());


If you need to demonstrate an issue with SOAP decoding, or wish to test
a complete round-trip and cannot make your web service endpoint
available, please capture the SOAP response XML with an HTTP sniffer
and add a response.xml file to the bug description.

This will help us mimic a live response as we can set the SOAP
address location in the sample.wsdl to the response.xml file.
<mx:WebService id="ws" wsdl="sample.wsdl"
result="resultHandler(event)" />

<mx:Button label="Make Call" click="makeCall()" />
<mx:TextArea id="output" width="100%" height="100%" />


Get yourself published in the Flex Cookbook

More info on the Flex team blog.

MAX Open Source Presentation

Here are the slides from my MAX talk on taking Flex open source. Feel free to post any questions, though I’m out of town the next week and may be slow to respond.

Why is my Flex Beta 2 SWF bigger?

We’ve seen a number of concerns raised about the size of the SWF in Beta 2. We may not have been vocal enough about some workflow changes that we made to make debugging better and build times faster: the fact that we now produce debug SWFs normally in Flex Builder and use the new Export Release wizard for producing an optimized SWF (instead of creating two SWFs, the normal one and -debug). Tim Buntel, our new Flex Builder Product Manager (but longtime Adobe co-worker) has written up more of an explanation on his blog.

Say Hello in Barcelona

I’ll be at MAX in Barcelona next week, if you’ll be there please make sure to find me and say hello. We’d also be interested in meeting with folks who want to share thoughts on what they’d like to see in future versions of Flex. Please contact me and we can try to set up a time.

Flex Developers in Amsterdam this Friday?

I’ll be in Amsterdam this Friday October 12th and my existing meetings have fallen through. If you’ll be around and would be interested in sharing your experiences, please drop me a line: mchotin AT adobe DOT com. Maybe we’ll be able to meet up!

Want a Moxie t-shirt, just like the Flex team’s?

When Heidi (dev manager for Flex Builder) was on vacation in Maine she spotted a store with a t-shirt that said Moxie (our Flex 3 codename) with a cool junkyard dog on it: a design she knew our team would appreciate. As she bought the shirt she talked to the owners (Cindy and Christopher) and found that they are avid Adobe customers, using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash. Well clearly this was fate! After consultation with the team, Heidi ordered 60 shirts to send to MAX, and Cindy and Christopher worked all weekend silk-screening by hand to make sure we’d have them in time. Let me tell you that our team really appreciated this effort!

So, would you like to wear this cool shirt yourself? Go to to see the shirt that we have (note the colors on the web site don’t quite do the shirts justice). Then go ahead and contact Cindy and Christopher (via the contact link) and place your order including size (for men you might want one size smaller than normal, for women one size larger) and color. Each shirt is about $28 + S/H. It’s a very nice quality t-shirt, hand silk-screened, and Cindy and Christopher are good people, so show your Flex spirit and pick up a few (tell them we sent you)!

Feedback wanted for the Flex Boot Camp

I would love to get some feedback from those of you who attended the Flex Boot Camp. We’re going to be holding it again in Barcelona and I’d like to make sure that we address some of the issues we found. Things that I know could use improvement:

– We need to have Internet access working and power for everyone
– We should make sure that a Macbook will be able to present just as well as a Windows laptop
– The name boot camp is misleading for what we had intended. I admit that my expectation was that anyone attending would have at least a few Flex sessions under their belt, and that therefore we did not need to spend time on beginner topics. However half the audience was total beginners and therefore we should have had more prepared.
– We also ended up having more presentations and no code-along sessions. Would people have liked to code along? I think each session would need to be longer and we’d need to cover less.
– Should we even allow this to be ad hoc or should we have everything planned out beforehand?

Please send comments ASAP 🙂

Thanks! And thanks for making this MAX so great!