Feedback wanted for the Flex Boot Camp

I would love to get some feedback from those of you who attended the Flex Boot Camp. We’re going to be holding it again in Barcelona and I’d like to make sure that we address some of the issues we found. Things that I know could use improvement:

– We need to have Internet access working and power for everyone
– We should make sure that a Macbook will be able to present just as well as a Windows laptop
– The name boot camp is misleading for what we had intended. I admit that my expectation was that anyone attending would have at least a few Flex sessions under their belt, and that therefore we did not need to spend time on beginner topics. However half the audience was total beginners and therefore we should have had more prepared.
– We also ended up having more presentations and no code-along sessions. Would people have liked to code along? I think each session would need to be longer and we’d need to cover less.
– Should we even allow this to be ad hoc or should we have everything planned out beforehand?

Please send comments ASAP 🙂

Thanks! And thanks for making this MAX so great!