Want a Moxie t-shirt, just like the Flex team’s?

When Heidi (dev manager for Flex Builder) was on vacation in Maine she spotted a store with a t-shirt that said Moxie (our Flex 3 codename) with a cool junkyard dog on it: a design she knew our team would appreciate. As she bought the shirt she talked to the owners (Cindy and Christopher) and found that they are avid Adobe customers, using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash. Well clearly this was fate! After consultation with the team, Heidi ordered 60 shirts to send to MAX, and Cindy and Christopher worked all weekend silk-screening by hand to make sure we’d have them in time. Let me tell you that our team really appreciated this effort!

So, would you like to wear this cool shirt yourself? Go to http://at-the-beachgallery.com/moxie_dog_page.html to see the shirt that we have (note the colors on the web site don’t quite do the shirts justice). Then go ahead and contact Cindy and Christopher (via the contact link) and place your order including size (for men you might want one size smaller than normal, for women one size larger) and color. Each shirt is about $28 + S/H. It’s a very nice quality t-shirt, hand silk-screened, and Cindy and Christopher are good people, so show your Flex spirit and pick up a few (tell them we sent you)!

One Response to Want a Moxie t-shirt, just like the Flex team’s?

  1. Phil says:

    Cool shirts, yes, but I have been waiting almost a month for mine to show up! Not sure what the deal is as my receipt was emailed to me the same day. I just contacted the company so we’ll see what happens.