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ILOG Elixir Beta Updated

If you haven’t checked out the Elixir components from ILOG you really should. The beta has been updated and should work with Flex Builder 3 Beta 3 just fine. Changes include:

– New gauges, dials & knobs
– 3D charts: Column and Bar Cylinder rendering
– Maps: tool set to import custom maps to create dashboards, ability to position any element by its position in lat/lon
– Enhancements to the other charts and documentation, including resource charts, org charts, radar charts and treemaps

Go check it out!

Play with BRIO, built with Flex!

The Acrobat Connect team has just pushed out a public beta of BRIO, the next version of Acrobat Connect. It was built with Flex 2.0.1 and is a great demo of the sorts of things folks can build with the Cocomo components that will be coming out soon hopefully. Everyone can play with this for free, you’ll be able to host a fully functional web meeting with up to 3 people (which frankly covers a lot of my meetings, and I’m in a ton of them)!