Beta 2 expiring, Beta 3 watermarks, the world is ending!

Today I’m getting a nice bit of evidence in the difficulty of having a long-running public beta. Turns out there’s a lot of folks who did not upgrade from beta 2 to beta 3 even though beta 3 came out well over a month ago and Flex Builder indicates that it’s going to expire (ETA: looks like maybe we have a bug here since numerous folks are saying they had 44 days left according to FB. We’re investigating). This expiration date is hard-coded, there’s no way to extend it because guess what… we really want you to move to the new beta because feedback on an old beta is pretty useless to us.

OK, fair enough, but what if you were using the charting and ADG and were doing more than experimenting? You purchased Flex Builder 2 and Charting to make sure you had no watermarks, and now beta 3 is showing them and your FB2 serial doesn’t work. Yes, this was an unfortunate side-effect of our scheduling where we had to implement a new serialization scheme. This was originally supposed to happen after our last public beta so that we wouldn’t run into this, but then life happened and we had to put it in earlier. If you have a valid use-case for removing the watermark you can mail me (mchotin at you can guess and I can get you a serial that will get you through beta 3.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Despite the fact that this is clearly beta software, it’s pretty interesting to see how many folks are already doing production-worthy things with it.