Speaking at 360Flex Atlanta

Tom beat me to the punch with a description of what we’re hoping to talk about at the 360Flex Atlanta keynote. Now that Ted can’t make it (it’s a lie, I totally stole this keynote from him) the plan is to rock the audience with tales of the development of Flex 3, secrets about team members, and whatever else might interest folks. Interested in any inside scoop info on the Flex team or our development process? Want to see what a particular team member actually looks like? Ask in the comments and I’ll see if I can get the answers into the presentation.

In addition to the Monday keynote the Flex Team is presenting two sessions that I think will be fantastic. Deepa is going to talk about the Future of Flex and Pete Farland is going to give you a tour of the Open Source Flex SDK. This means 360Flex is going to be your first opportunity to see the internals of the compiler, and how can that not be exciting?!?

If you haven’t registered yet you really have no excuse.

6 Responses to Speaking at 360Flex Atlanta

  1. Tom Ortega says:

    Um….you’re missing something here. What of the bedazzled shirt? :)I’d like to know how the features-framework struggle works. Does a feature request go to the framework gods, who deem worthiness? Or do the frameworkers say, “Here’s what we’re adding support for, what new features can we build from that?”

  2. Can’t wait! See ya there 🙂

  3. Ted Patrick says:

    Matt Chotin is so Flex! Hard as I tried he was destined to rock the house at 360Flex Hotlanta.Go Matt Go, give em hell in your 360Flex bling!Ted 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    Yes, I intend to be bedazzled, fo shizzle.

  5. Adam Flater says:

    How about announcing there’s a reference implementation of the AMF spec? 😉

  6. I just want to hear you slip in “HOTLANTA” as many times as possible into the keynote.