Vote for Flex Bugs and Feature Requests on Super Tuesday

Tuesday February 5th is Super Tuesday in the U.S., when over 20 states go to the polls to select their candidate for President of the United States. That’s all well and good, but what if you don’t live in the U.S.? What if your state already voted? What if your state doesn’t vote yet? What if you’re not 18? What if you don’t care? Don’t you still want to have the voting experience?

For this reason we offer Tuesday as a special day to vote on Flex Feature Requests and Bugs.

1. Go to
2. Register or login
3. Click on the link for “Find Issues”
4. On the left column, under, “project”, select “Flex Builder” and the “Flex SDK” .
5. Under “type”, select “Feature Request”.
6. Click the button to “View”. This will bring up a list of all of the Flex feature requests that we are considering. Peruse the list and select ones that you feel passionate about.
7. When viewing a bug, you can click on the “view” link next to the “Votes” label (on the left hand column) of the bug.
8. From this screen, you can “add” your vote to this bug. It also helps our team if you add comments to bugs describing why this bug is important to you.

Early voting is available, so, you can vote today!

Also, please file any new Feature Requests that have not been recorded in the bugbase. By Tuesday, you may also be able to vote for the bugs that are currently “Deferred”. However, this isn’t allowed yet, and we don’t know if this will be available by then but we hope it will.

I’m Matt Chotin, a member of the Flex SDK team, and I approved this message.