What would you like to hear about from the Flex team at 360Flex?

If you haven’t checked out what’s going on at 360Flex in Atlanta you really should, it looks like it’s going to be great! As you look at the schedule you’ll see that there is a ton of great content planned, along with two open slots for the Flex team. What would you like to see us talk about? Are you looking to understand a particular feature better (either in the SDK or Flex Builder)? Want to learn more about future plans? Popular topics in the past have been about Flex Builder secrets, and understanding more about the framework architecture. We can certainly repeat those if you’re a new attendee, but if you’ve seen these online maybe you’re looking for something new. What can the Flex Team offer you that you can’t get elsewhere (talk-wise)?

8 Responses to What would you like to hear about from the Flex team at 360Flex?

  1. Hey Matt,I know its to early to ask but will the presentation be available online for those that wont attend live (even for a fee) ?. I promise i’ll try to reach the european conference :)Thanks,Adrian.

  2. Ben says:

    Any chance we could get a repeat of the Flash Player Internals talk? I realize its not Flex specific but I missed it at MAX and heard it was great. Future plans stuff is always great too. Maybe a discussion of features and practices the team feels are under- or over-utilized by the community?

  3. Matt says:

    I’m sure we’ll be able to get the talk online (not sure what the plan is as far as recording at 360Flex this round).

  4. Jeff houser says:

    A “sneak peak” session regarding open source Flex topics might be cool. How about an in depth explanation (exploration) of the Flex Compiler (w/ code reviews).Perhaps a presentation on ways to extend Flex Builder?I wouldn’t mind to see someone talk about “Flex Version Next” stuff, like the new MVC component model experiments mentioned at the MAX conference.

  5. Jason The Saj says:

    I. Future of Flex 3 & beyond…II. How to get more closely involved in beta testing of new Flash/Flex technology(ie: would love to get to work with the upcoming Flash 10 “text” component)

  6. mxmlpimper says:

    IPhone/IPodTouch Flex capable Flash Player..thank you!

  7. I would love to know how Flash and Flex are going to play together going forward. For example Flash 10 is supposed to have a lot of neat new text stuff (including RTL support) that we want to take advantage of, but Adobe has promised that Flex won’t require a certain Flash player until it has 80% of the market. This leaves open the question of taking advantage of new flash player features if they are available, though. Will we see the Flex team coming out with new text controls that take advantage of Flash 10 if present, and otherwise use the Flash 9 API, or will we have to build all that ourselves until Flash 10 has enough penetration for Flex 4 or Flex 5?

  8. Ben says:

    Best practices for providing default styles in custom components. Please! There is a serious lack of info about how to do this currently.